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What is the biggest difference between Chem-Dry Assit and a steam cleaner?

The biggest difference is that Chem-Dry Assist does not use as much water as a steam cleaner. The main reason for this is that Chem-Dry Assist’s cleaning solution is hot, carbonated mineral water, not soap based, so it does not take as much water to extract it out of the carpet.

How soon can I be back on my carpets after Chem-Dry Assist has cleaned them?

Within 1-2 hours. Since Chem-Dry Assist does not use as much water, your carpets dry faster and have less chance of mold developing in over-wet carpets.

What are the services provided by Chem-Dry Assist?

Besides carpet cleaning, Chem-Dry Assist offers a wide range of cleaning services, including area rugs and upholstery cleaning. We have specialty products for tough problems too, such as pet urine and odour, and red stain removal. We also have a water damage specialist on call 24 hours.

How can I determine what method of cleaning will work best for my upholstery?

The cushions on the upholstery will usually have a tag that says "S" or "W". The "S" means solvent or dry-cleanable, and the "W" means water-based cleanable. Sometimes the tag might say "S/W" so that either method of cleaning will be acceptable. It is important to go by the method of cleaning recommended by the manufacturer for optimal cleaning results. If there is no tag, our technicians are trained to know how to test the upholstery for which type of cleaning method will work best.

Do I have to be home the whole time while my carpets/upholstery are being cleaned?

No. Ideally, if a person can be there just to let our technician in and get started, then go about their errands, etc. A key can also be left under the mat, and the job pre-paid with any major credit card.

Are the products used by Chem-Dry Assist safe and non-toxic?

Yes. They are generally recognised as safe and non-toxic. Since young children and pets are on the carpets most often, it is safe for them.

What kind of prep work do I need to do before the technician arrives?

Just move any breakables, or small stuff out of the way. We will move what one technician can safely move (such as couches, loveseats, coffee tables). We will not move any computers, televisions, stereos, electronics, china cabinets, pianos, and in bedrooms we only clean the traffic areas.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

Not long at all, usually within a couple days. If you are looking for a morning appointment, it is best to schedule a week in advance, since these time slots fill the fastest.